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A-la-cri-ty — brisk and cheerful readiness
This word describes the approach our founder, Kira Mohammed who combined her creative mind with a business background to start a company that helps creatives function as a professional unit in their respective industries. With a degree in business administration, 5 years of work in a corporate environment and over 10 years in music, Ms Mohammed, at the age of 24, decided to share her vision with creatives, in helping them explore and develop their creative talents for trade as a business.

The company was founded as a management service for entertainment professionals and later grew into a talent agency where creatives of all industries are now included. We understand the mind of creatives in expression, and so we strive to help them by giving the right representation, setting up a functioning business structure and exploring opportunities for career success.


Our Team

Kira Mohammed


On a mission to make Alacrity Management an avenue for all creative persons to explore limitless opportunities in their respective industries with the right representation.

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Stephan Pandohie

Visual Strategist

The name says it all. In order to relate to the creatives, we work with the best. With years of experience in the digital media game, Stephan makes sure Alacrity looks great!