Administrative services and support for business.Documentation of business operations, book keeping and management.

Preparation of Riders, contract agreements. Negotiation of deals, sync licenses, and official agreements.

Administering sponsorship, affiliate marketing and business deals with brand name companies. 

Professional representation at shows/events/meetings.


Bookings management from initiation to completion.

Organization of tours, flight schedules.

Public Relations

Online interviews, television interviews, podcasts and social media

Press kits/ media packs and press releases

Scheduling of interviews on popular radio stations for promotions and announcements

Artiste Development

Training for on-stage presence in vocal ability and entertaining live performances

Articulate messages fluently during interviews and learn to handle conversations when being interviewed.

Open discussions of mental preparation and awareness. 

Personal and Business plans with clear objectives and actionable goals

Music Promotion

Music promotion via email blasts to a network of Djs and radio personnel across the globe 

Preparation of digital media campaigns with strategy for increased sales, awareness and promotion. Google ads, youtube ads and social media sponsored ads

Music distribution to streaming platforms, music websites, song placements.

Personal Branding

Develop your brand story and description to stand out from the rest. Identify brand goals and objectives

Brainstorming and producing content for digital marketing according to brand goals.

Ecommerce and branding websites for brand communication and sale of products, music , merchandise, events.

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